Paying 43$ via paypal for a trainn site green

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11-09-2007 18:58:26

Hi Hi

Is anyone interested in going green on my trainn site? I am offering 43$ because this is what I can afford while still offering more money than the average offer.

I am hoping to complete this site by Friday. It would be great If I could get it done sooner.. so please pm me if you are interested in going green ]

I am fairly experienced in the freebie trading system so I can help newbies if they need it.
I am in other forums..

Yeah ] So ] If you are interested in going green Pm me.

Also try to reply to my thread so I can go green sometime soon by keeping it advertised.

Thank you guys, You're the best.


12-09-2007 04:05:32



12-09-2007 10:14:51



12-09-2007 10:38:50

i want to do,pm me


12-09-2007 10:56:37

You all have 0 TR, it's HIGHLY unrecommended you trade together...