LAST REFERRALS, earn 265$ 1 site is a 1 credit! Go green!!!

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11-09-2007 07:19:33

Let me be your best friend, go green for me. ]

I Am doing Two sites that I have very nearly completed!!!!!!!!
I will be earning a lot of money, even enough money to pay you 250$ just for you to go green.

I guess you could do it separately if you wanted but I would only pay the given amount which would be 160$ for one of the sites and 60$ for the other site.

If you do both sites together I will pay 265$
That's a 15$ bonus!

Also Go green today and get a 10$ bonus

That's a total of 275$!!!
Who can't tell I need these two sites completed?
It's obvious!!! I'm going crazy with my money just to get this completed!

I'm willing to help anyone who needs help on how to go green!

Please private message me if you are interested in going green to help me complete the sites and/or site.

Help me complete these sites !!!!!!!![/sizee3719a31f7]