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09-09-2007 21:04:41

[bfd3b060ff2]Hello all and welcome to my thread!

I know you're here to make some money so lets get started!

I have two sites I need greens for they are the following

http//www.freebiemonster.net?ref=15346[]http//www.freebiemonster.net?ref=15346[/bfd3b060ff2] - [bfd3b060ff2]$20 dollars on Green![/bfd3b060ff2]

[bfd3b060ff2]http//iphone.123StuffForFree.com/?referral=26412[]http//iphone.123StuffForFree.com/?referral=26412[/bfd3b060ff2] - [bfd3b060ff2]$15 dollars on Green!
So you can make a total of [bfd3b060ff2]$35![/bfd3b060ff2]

If you complete both greens within 24 hours I'll pay you an extra [bfd3b060ff2]$5 dollar[/bfd3b060ff2] speedy completion bonus!

So you can make [bfd3b060ff2]$40[/bfd3b060ff2] dollars right now! Did I mention they are easy sites? I went green on these so easily I wish I could complete them again!

Check out the offers and if you are as excited about the sites as I am, go right ahead and complete the offers. Send me an [bfd3b060ff2]PM[/bfd3b060ff2] letting me know the email you signed up for, and then send me a [bfd3b060ff2]PM [/bfd3b060ff2]when you are done! Easy, right?

Make sure you have a verified Paypal address so I can send you your [bfd3b060ff2]MONEY![/bfd3b060ff2]

Also, the only small, teensy wheensy thing I ask is that if you happen to go red during the process, either work with the site to get it [bfd3b060ff2]green[/bfd3b060ff2] again, or refund my money. Then, no harm, no foul. If you need my help resolving issues with the site, I'll be happy to help how I can.


So what are you waiting for?

Let's make some [bfd3b060ff2]money[/bfd3b060ff2] together!

Remember, to send me an [bfd3b060ff2]PM [/bfd3b060ff2] letting me know what email you signed up with, and then send me a PM once you've completed the site!

Have a happy day!



10-09-2007 08:30:41

All aboard, easy greens easy money, lets do this!


13-09-2007 09:17:08

Bump for today! I have a trade record for FLR and Anything for free, so trade with confidence today!