EZ Non-CC Site! Big Pay!

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09-09-2007 14:35:38

I am an experienced trader from anything4free.com and freelunchroom.com! I am ready to pay you on GREEN!

Paying [/colorb734f10604]$12(!!!)[/colorb734f10604] on GREEN[/colorb734f10604] for http//PoorFolk.Git-R-Free.com/ , a .5 (1/2) credit Git-r-free site![/sizeb734f10604]

[bb734f10604]Git-r-free is possibly the best freebie site that I have come across - the offer crediting rate is very high, the support is incredible, and best of all there are a TON of offers to choose from - more than I have seen on any other site! [/bb734f10604]

Need help? First time completing offers? NO PROBLEM! I will help you every step of the way. [/colorb734f10604]


09-09-2007 20:24:20

you only need a .5 credit to green?


09-09-2007 20:32:32

Yes that's correct - I'll PM you with details