Go Green By Doing One Offer

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08-09-2007 18:32:50

[b4adc1b104b]Hello and thanks for stopping by, I'm an honest trader.

I'm looking for 6 Greens for the following site. I pay instantly on Green, by Paypal.

It`s a 3 credit site but you only need to do one offer to go green.

The Offer is free,PM me or contact me via AIM or Yahoo for the details.

Will help newbies. Post here if interested.

Aim CCCSubmission

Yahoo submission1020.


I will also send a step by step crediting guide to anyone that asks.

[b4adc1b104b]HDTV.PrizeOasis.com---- $40 if green within 12hrs---$35 if green within 24hrs---$30 after 24hrs (3 Credit Site)Only Need To Do 1 Offer

Offers Link http//hdtv.prizeoasis.com/offers.php

I offer complete training through AIM or Yahoo.

Hurry!!! Limited spots![/color4adc1b104b][/b4adc1b104b][/size4adc1b104b] dance