I NEED ONE MORE REFERRAL FOR V-BUX!!! (Paying 165$ if comple

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07-09-2007 18:58:00

Hi Friends,

I feel like I am going to be asked this question, Why are you paying so much? I would answer like this "I only have one referral left to be completed!"

Also I am going to offer live help because I am so very desperate just to get one more green, I am going to offer it through Aim.

Here are the directions if you are a newcomer.

1. Private message me for referral link.
2. Click the link and sign up.
3. Go to offer page and complete the amount of offers required.
4. Wait intill you are green, Usually really fast greens
5. Give me the email address of your paypal account and the address you signed up under so I can pay you though pay pal and so I can check if you are green or not.[/size88f86762ac][/color88f86762ac]

private message me if you are interested in this great deal

I can only accept one green because that's all I need intill my offer is completed, If I say offer completed at the end of this thread (I will edit it)
Then I will not be accepting any more offers.

Pm if you are interested

Still accepting!!! One referral left!!![/size88f86762ac][/color88f86762ac]


08-09-2007 04:35:41

I'm interested send me the link


09-09-2007 14:00:36



11-09-2007 05:22:44