Make 225$ bucks in 15-30 minutes//Live help if needed\\

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06-09-2007 12:41:17

I am doing two sites that I need both green and one of them I am offering 150$ if you go green and the other one I am offering 50$ if you go green, Here are the two sites I am doing

1. Bose.v-bux (150$ if completed separately)
2. Trainn 360elite (50$ if completed separately)
If you complete both sites I am going to pay you a bonus of 20$

If you want to go green private message me so I can give you the links
Also if you need help on how to do things and have Aim then I can help you out over that.

Also, If you go green by the end of tonight I will pay a five dollar extra bonus.

Total able to make 225$

Private message me if you are interested


06-09-2007 13:36:18

you pay upfront, both those sites pay out 100 and 50, you pay out more than they actually pay you....?

Make this guy pay up front....


06-09-2007 17:20:43

Actually I am paying so high so I can get just a few more referrals, It doesn't mean I wont be making any profits.

I do not really have to play believe it or not, believe it.