Want a OiNK invite?

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05-09-2007 16:15:58

Sign up under me on YourFreeVideo iPods and the OiNK invite is yours.

I only need 3 people.


05-09-2007 16:45:49

Lol I hope you a mod on oink if someone reported you you could get banned


05-09-2007 17:55:17

I thought only selling wasn't allowed?

I mean, people trade torrent site invites all the time. Why can't I trade for a referral?


05-09-2007 20:39:20

Whats Oink?


06-09-2007 11:10:38

As I understand it, OiNK frowns on just giving out invites randomly. Otherwise it sorta defeats the purpose of a private tracker. They've been known to ban people who give invites up for grabs on forums. They also hold you responsible for the "quality" of your invitees, so it's in your own best interest to know who you're inviting.

[quote568d41bc72="makingch1"]Whats Oink?[/quote568d41bc72]
A private bittorrent tracker for P2P file sharing. They're particularly well known for high quality music sharing.

BTW remove the TinyURL link from your sig, ASAP. Reflinks are not allowed here, and attempting to camouflage them is particularly distasteful and likely to result in an even faster ban.


06-09-2007 11:16:23

Ya. They don't take "selling" or offering to trade your invites very well. Hope you don't get caught...


17-09-2007 16:59:21

I asked and they said as long as I didn't charge money for them, but they said I should be careful of who I invite.

So yeah, I don't know...