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05-09-2007 14:15:43

I am new in this forum, but NOT new to trading. You can view my feedback on FLR under the same user id. I will be working on TR here as well but do not let the 0 stop you from trading with me and getting PAID.[/color89903f6783]

I have the following sites available.

My sites are listed in order of PRIORITY but you can choose any site you want to complete for $$$$$$$ in your account within hours.

Instant Payments with Paypal, AlertPay, Obopay or e-gold![/color89903f6783]

Great 2 credit sites!! Earn top $$$

allforone.YGF Pays $50 on approval. 2 credits

home.addiction4everyone Pays $40 on approval. 2 credits Awesome site, GREAT prizes!

gifts.moneybonanza Pays on approval $40 2 credits lilililiNEED 1 MORElililili[/color89903f6783]

Awesome 1 credit sites!!!!!

FreebieMonster Pays $20 on approval 1 credit

GadgetMonster Pays $20 on approval 1 credit

LuxuryMonster Pays $50! on approval for only 1 credit. HOT SITE!

candy.OGF Pays $20 on approval Paypal cashout options from $120 or CHOCOLATE! yummers! [/color89903f6783]

If you are interested in any of the sites, please respond here or PM me or both for the fastest response. Complete NEWBIE support for you if you need it. I have AIM, Yahoo and MSN or I will call you on the phone and help you if you like. I am working on my tutorial website also.[/color89903f6783]

My terms apply to all of my trades. Read below

I always pay instantly on approval by money order or other online options (see above update), but if you go red you will owe me that money back.
ON APPROVAL means, when you go green I will contact the site support. As long as they ok you, usually within 24 hours, I will pay you directly. This is not always foolproof, if you go red after you are paid, you still owe me a refund.
You must sign up within 24 hours of being sent the link.
You must go green within 5 days of our trade. If you will not be able to please contact me immediately.
If you are not going to finish our trade, PM me. I am very understanding but hate being left hanging.
Leave appropriate feedback at the end of the trade. If I paid you as I stated dont leave me a neg. feedback or no feedback at all.
Only use my referral links (you will have to ask for it). Do not use these links to sign up or I cant pay you.
If you need help, ASK! I wont be responsible for any charges you incur while completing offers.
Most importantly. DO NOT FRAUD! Chances are you know what will cause you to go RED by now. [/color89903f6783]

What is frauding?
1. Signing up for multiple accounts per household or ip address.
2. Completing offers with invalid information.
3. Completing offers more than one time, EVER, ANYWHERE!
4. Using a prepaid credit card to complete.
5. Cancelling an offer immediately after receiving credit. You should be actually trying the things you sign up for. [/color89903f6783]

Just say no to frauders!!!!!![/color89903f6783][/size89903f6783]

There is so much potential of money to be made here. If you want something for nothing, you are probably in the wrong place. If you are very impatient, you are probably in the wrong place. I will help you in every way I can. I cannot tell you which offers to complete, that is up to you, But I can help you get a better crediting ratio.

Trade with me, you wont be sorry!! I have 100% positive feedback.[/color89903f6783]


06-09-2007 06:48:15

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