-Newbies- Want to earn a fast easy 50$?

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04-09-2007 13:26:31

Yes I have raised my price five dollars because I am trying to go green by Friday!

Is anyone willing to make a fast easy green for me and get paid in around 10 minutes after green?

Does anyone want a better deal than what there already is out there?
(If you can find evidence to support it, I will beat anyone elses price if they are trying to compete with my price)

Does anyone just want a simple, fast, easy 55$ ?

Well you have come to the right thread!!!

I am paying 55$ on green for a trainn website I am doing the xbox 360 elite trainn site and as always trainns are always just one offer.

For anyone interested Just private message me if you are ready to get started.

Please reply to this thread so everyone can see how great an offer this is and hopefully help me out!


04-09-2007 17:17:30

I have just edited my post for anyone interested and I have raised my price