Easy Sites Listed Here: $25-$50 for referrals!!

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04-09-2007 05:51:26

Hello, and thanks for reading my thread. I'm fairly new at this, however I discovered very quickly how easy it is to make some extra cash.....just by completing a few offers. Now I would like to share my experience with anyone willing to do the same for me. I am offering my assistance to anyone that isn't sure about the process or is new.
Listed below are my sites I am working on, along with amounts I am paying out.

starbucks.2dollardeal.com - $25
coke.ordergiftsfree.com - $25
giftcards.zeropricetags - $25
cellphones.giftxtent.com - $25

These 4 sites are good starter ones that I am trying to complete so I can really start helping people make some easy, fast cash. Please PM me if you would like to sign up for one of these and I'll send you the referral link.


04-09-2007 15:41:57