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03-09-2007 13:45:46

I really want to be known as an honest and reliable trader. I post on the forums, but sometimes I feel like I am invisible, like nobody sees my posts.

How are we supposed to build TR on the forums if no-one wants to work with us because our TR is to low? I know I am honest. I know I am reliable. I know I would never cheat anybody. I know I want to keep doing these freebie sites for a long long time. How am I supposed to prove that to everybody else if no-one wants to give me a chance.

Do any other newbies feel this way?

With that said, I am offering $20 on green on several sites


I am buying unlimited referrals on these 4 sites. If anyone is interested in trading with me, PM me. If your not will you at least post in my thread and let me know that I am visible.

Any of you veteran traders with high TR ratings that have any advice for a newbie on how to build TR without having to go green on anymore sites, because I have plenty of sites to work on right now and I don't want to go green anymore, PM me and let me know how I can get others to let me pay them for greens. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

sandra habina

03-09-2007 13:59:27

Hello dear - it is difficult when your TR is 0. I would try to build up your TR by going green on a few more sites also you can trade site for site and get TR's. All of the veteran traders started the same as you with TR 0 - but we did do more sites by going green for others, it is a way to establish that you are honest and reliable. Good luck dear.


03-09-2007 14:08:17

I already have plenty of sites to work, I don't need to go green on anymore right now. I just finished two sites and I got paid. WHOOoo HOOoo. I have a TR of 4 on A4F and a TR of 4 on FLR. I just can't seem to get the newbies to trust me as much as they do others. Thanx for the reply and letting me know that I am visible lol.