Offering a $75.00 gift card of your choice for one ref...

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02-09-2007 18:52:08


I'm offering a $75.00 gc to anyone who is serious about completing 10 offers in order to receive a Toshiba, HP, or Macbook laptop. You must complete these offers to be my ref, just signing up under me does not count! I have completed all my offers already, and the site requires only one referral. The trial offers are easy to do and a lot of them are within $1.99-$6.00 range. Please note, it takes up to 30 days for all offers to be approved. Once approved, I will send gift card of your choice directly to you. If interested, PM me and I will link you.

The specs on the Toshiba Satellite; Wireless mobility, 17 in. monitor, 200 gb, and much much more. The suggested price on the Toshiba is $1,300.00 to give you an idea. I don't know about the rest, but since the Toshiba is that nice I'm betting the other two are as well.



04-09-2007 23:32:49