Earn up to $95!! 3 sites currently available

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02-09-2007 17:01:24

Thank You for taking the
time to read through my thread.
I need referrals on the following sites
ps3.ordergiftsfree (easy 1 credit site) PAYING $20 on GREEN[/color9c96716852]

sidekick3.yourgiftsfree (easy 1 credit site) PAYING $25 on GREEN[/color9c96716852]

allforone.yourgiftsfree (a 2 credit site) PAYING $50 on GREEN [/color9c96716852]

I'm fairly new to this site but not to trading and need referrals for the above sites.
I can offer training for anyone that needs it.

You must stay in contact with me or i will think you are
no longer interested.
You will be paid instantly on GREEN!
If you go red, you will owe me a refund![/color9c96716852]

Contact me with a PM and I will set up the trade!
You MUST be Paypal verified!
Make some quick and easy money! lol


03-09-2007 09:07:19

bump and happy labor day