sorry my paypal has been frozen so I can't do any offers

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02-09-2007 08:13:38

read title, sorry again


02-09-2007 08:20:12

I sent you a pm


02-09-2007 08:30:29

PMed U with the below offer!

I'm paying $20 on Green for cash.customorderthis!
$25 if Green within 24 hours!
You only need 1 credit, lots of offers.
If interested,PM me and I will setup trade.


02-09-2007 08:41:16

Here are some sites for you to consider. I included the link to the sites offer pages. These are not my referral links. Let me know.

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[beda7d68355][ueda7d68355]Paying $20 on green[/ueda7d68355][/coloreda7d68355][/beda7d68355]
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http/" alt=""/"71/5869/pointge8.gif[" alt=""/imgeda7d68355][=http//][img="eda7d68355]http/" alt=""/"71/5869/pointge8.gif[" alt=""/imgeda7d68355][/url] [color=blueeda7d68355][beda7d68355]lili CHECK OUT THE 3 FOR $75 BONUS lili[/beda7d68355][/coloreda7d68355]
[beda7d68355]If you go green on any three $20 sites you will be paid an extra [color=rededa7d68355]$15[/coloreda7d68355]. That's right a total of [color=rededa7d68355]$75[/coloreda7d68355]. Many traders have made [color=rededa7d68355]$75 [/coloreda7d68355]in less than an hour. You could be next. This is by far the best bonus on this forum. All these sites are easy to green on. I also have several more $20 sites that are not listed here. Just ask me.[/beda7d68355]