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01-09-2007 07:41:48

I'm going to be receiving a free unlocked Iphone. All you need to do is get 1 credit on this site. After that just refer enough people and you receive your new Iphone. Unlocked Iphones are going for almost $2000 on Ebay, so this is obviously a good deal. Just click one of the prizes from this website [b4c549d9cca]lilili REF LINK REMOVED lilili[/b4c549d9cca] and let me know if you need any help. my aim address is floatingperson so just let me know if you need anything


01-09-2007 09:28:28

hey, ususally people pay others to go to their site and complete offers, people are nice, but the high paying traders get more referrals, also you should probably work on building your TR here on FIPG by completing offers for others first, if you like i have a few sites you could do with high payouts and it would raise your TR quick!


01-09-2007 09:57:46

no referral links


01-09-2007 12:39:33

Please do not create an account here without reading the rules that are thrust in your face when you signup.

You referral link has been deleted and this thread is being closed. Please refer to the rules again, look around to learn how trading works here, and then create a proper trading post. Further rule violations will result in temporary or permanent banning from the forums.