>>>>>-------$30 On cash.hotgifts4you--------&

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29-08-2007 19:28:26

I'm kind of new here, but I am finally getting my first gift. I only need 2 referrals. I will pay $30 via pypal on green!! I know its not much, but it would be a huge help if you could help me!!

PM me to arrange


31-08-2007 21:20:42

I have other things too. I signed up for all on hotgifts4you. So PM me about any.


31-08-2007 22:13:22

hey, usually people pay more for sites, unless it's a no CC site, people are nice, but everyone wants to make money, if you offer a good, eye-catching amount, you'll get more referrals, and usually people like to trade with people who have a large TR, you can build it up by trading with people who are paying for referrals, PM me if you'd be interested in any trades, i can raise your TR fast


01-09-2007 06:33:29

Ok, I will offer more than.

Anyone interested???


01-09-2007 14:33:08

Hey everyone, this guy is legit, he just completed cashrewards.git-r-free.com for me and he greened really quick and now he's working on his site, i know everyone is aware of scammers now, but he's good, he's for real.



02-09-2007 13:51:54

Anyone want to sign up? Anyone is welcome!!