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29-08-2007 14:07:28

need some easy dollar offers and no cc also good i need to complete atleast 3 to 5 trades today i would appreciate any easy trades thanks intereseted on greens and no cc for right now only thanks P


29-08-2007 14:08:22

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

[b0c2927e5e0]One offer site[/b0c2927e5e0]
$17 - http// 0/3

[b0c2927e5e0]One-credit sites.[/b0c2927e5e0]
$25 - http// - 4/15
[i0c2927e5e0]Unlimited cash out at git-r-free sites.[/i0c2927e5e0]

$25 - http// - 2/7

$50 - http// - 0/10

[b0c2927e5e0] Paypal verified only. Instant payment on green.[/b0c2927e5e0]

I will be available on AIM [b0c2927e5e0]babetran84[/b0c2927e5e0] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



29-08-2007 14:33:27

D Welcome to my thread[/colorf069d096f0] D
[bf069d096f0]I have a pre-typed, abridged guide to getting
started with the forum and the freebie sites themselves. [/bf069d096f0][/sizef069d096f0]
I'm [uf069d096f0]paying[/uf069d096f0] for greens
http/" alt=""/[/imgf069d096f0]
On to my NEWBIE easy, NEWBIE friendly offers..
[size=24f069d096f0]Paying [color=greenf069d096f0]$31![/colorf069d096f0] on green[/sizef069d096f0]
[bf069d096f0][uf069d096f0]HIGHEST PAYOUT ANYWHERE ONLINE![/bf069d096f0][/uf069d096f0]
[size=18f069d096f0][color=redf069d096f0]BRAND NEW SITE![/colorf069d096f0] [color=darkbluef069d096f0]Gotta Be VIP[/colorf069d096f0]
[size=24]- [url==http//]Offer List[=http//]Offer List[/url] - 1 Credit[/sizef069d096f0]
[size=24f069d096f0]Paying [color=greenf069d096f0]$20[/colorf069d096f0] on green[/sizef069d096f0]
[size=18f069d096f0][color=darkbluef069d096f0] Train Xbox360elite[/colorf069d096f0]
- [url==http//]Offer List[=http//]Offer List[/url] - 1 Credit
[color=darkbluef069d096f0] Zeropricetags [/colorf069d096f0]
- [url==http//]Offer List[=http//]Offer List[/url] - 1 Credit

[size=24f069d096f0][bf069d096f0]Interested?[/bf069d096f0][url==http//][img="f069d096f0]http/" alt=""/[/imgf069d096f0][=http//][img="f069d096f0]http/" alt=""/[/imgf069d096f0][/url][bf069d096f0]me[/bf069d096f0][/sizef069d096f0]

I offer AIM/Email/PM support for newbies. I'll help you through everything.
If your interested PM so you can get started or post here.

I pmed you as well


31-08-2007 12:16:26

Hey! PM'd you offer on!...Thanks!...


31-08-2007 12:38:57

hey I give you $55 to complete 2 easy trainn sites. They are 1-offer 1-credit sites. very easy. I can guide you through them. Will take 20 mins max. All you have to do is pay $15 or less.

sandra habina

31-08-2007 15:02:44

PM sent with site information