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28-08-2007 18:07:23

wink [bb5e60da019]I am glad that you opened my trade thread today because I want to share some helpful tips with you before you make the mistakes I made in the very beginning. And your next question might be well they only have a 4 Trade Record. If you want to check on me I am musicman49 on FLR and A4F with a combined +94TR.[/sizeb5e60da019][/bb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019][ub5e60da019]DON'T MAKE THESE MISTAKES[/ub5e60da019][/sizeb5e60da019][/bb5e60da019]
[bb5e60da019]1. Don't jump into trading without spending time reading all of the valuable information provided in the Help section of this forum.[/bb5e60da019][/colorb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]2. Don't be fooled by spammers/scammers - Check out a trader before trading with them. You can do this by checking under their profile or their username. Look at their join date, their number of posts and their Trade Record. Also make sure that the trade is set up in the Trade Module before you start working on the site and that the details of the trade are complete and correct. This way the trader cannot, rightfully, change the terms after you complete the green for them.[/bb5e60da019][/colorb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]3. Don't jump into trading without a spreadsheet prepared. This will help prevent you from losing track of what offers you have completed and what sites you have registered on. You can only complete offers one time and can only register for a site one. [/bb5e60da019][/colorb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]4. Don't try to start on a site requiring multiple offers to be completed. The reason I suggest starting on an easy site is that you may have problems with crediting and don't find out until after you complete your first trade, would you rather have done 1 offer or 4 offers? I think everyone would say that they would rather lose one offer to crediting problems than lose 4 offers.[/colorb5e60da019][/bb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]5. Don't start out with the notion that every trade will green immediately. Patience is a big part of trading. You can have 5 trades that green right away and then you can have 2 that don't. Some offers take longer than what the site says they take. It is not the fault of the trader you are working with nor is it the sites fault. [/bb5e60da019][/colorb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]6. Don't do any offer without reading the Terms and Conditions completely. Too many new traders are complaining about extra charges from offers but the offers did have the information in their T&C, you know in the fine print. Please make sure you understand everything before signing up and that you keep all information about that offer in your spreadsheet.[/bb5e60da019][/sizeb5e60da019][/colorb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019]If you would like more helpful tips on trading, please feel free to ask me. It is my pleasure helping new traders get their feet wet. I am only offering easy sites for new traders right now so I provide you plenty of options to get started on. All of the sites require completion of 1 offer to go green. You can click on the link for each site to look at the offers[/sizeb5e60da019].[/bb5e60da019]

woot [bb5e60da019]BONUSES - $5 bonus [/sizeb5e60da019][/bb5e60da019]per site if you green within 24 hours of trade being set up.[/sizeb5e60da019]

[bb5e60da019][ub5e60da019]GREENS NEEDED ON THE FOLLOWING SITES[/sizeb5e60da019][/ub5e60da019][/bb5e60da019]

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[bb5e60da019]Please contact me by clicking on Post Reply in the upper left corner above this thread and let me know. I will get back to you quickly and we can work to make you successful in your trading[/sizeb5e60da019].[/bb5e60da019]