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28-08-2007 07:36:44

OK. I am new to all of this. What my goal is for starters is to get an XBOX 360. Can someone explain to be the easiest way to do this. I know that it can't be that hard. I just do not know how to get referrals, etc so that I can get something for free. Once I see that this stuff actually works, I will probably be hooked. For now I am a little skeptical. I do realize that I will not get something for nothing. Any help?


28-08-2007 07:42:10

I PM'ed you with a great site to get your xbox 360

sandra habina

28-08-2007 07:53:26

PM with info. for you.


28-08-2007 08:10:09

sending you a PM


28-08-2007 10:38:24

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

[b36296dd438]Trainn Site Only need to complete ONE offer to green[/b36296dd438]
$22 7/13 4 pending

[b36296dd438]One-credit sites.[/b36296dd438]
$25 - http// - 3/8
[i36296dd438]Unlimited cash out at git-r-free sites.[/i36296dd438]

$25 - http// - 0/3 - [b36296dd438]New Site[/b36296dd438]

$50 - http// - 0/10

[b36296dd438] Paypal verified only. Instant payment on green.[/b36296dd438]

I will be available on AIM [b36296dd438]babetran84[/b36296dd438] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



28-08-2007 11:21:20

hi sending a pm..hope to work wiht you soon--terry


28-08-2007 12:49:31

...Hey! Sent PM with $30 offer for!...


28-08-2007 14:40:13

If you're interested in doing sites for paypal, check out my thread below. )


29-08-2007 09:05:43



29-08-2007 10:19:58

PM sent