Lost my job today, need some goodwill help!

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27-08-2007 16:13:03


Unfortunately I lost my job of 9 years today. I now have no steady income, 2 kids and a wife. I have been trying to get some traders to do my sites. Please give me a hand, I need to get some income to keep the wife off my butt while I figure out what to do next.

I am paying on all sites listed below. Please email= me or pm me if you have any questions email=twcsux@yahoo.comtwcsux@yahoo.com me or pm me if you have any questions email=twcsux@yahoo.comtwcsux@yahoo.com/email (please don't spam, I can't deal with that right now).

Here are my sites, please give me a hand, let me pay you and we all make some money.

[b6cc609e97b]$50 sites[/b6cc609e97b]





[b6cc609e97b]$40 sites[/b6cc609e97b]



[b6cc609e97b]$30 sites[/b6cc609e97b]



[b6cc609e97b]NON-CC SITE $2[/b6cc609e97b]



27-08-2007 16:15:31

You have to take those ref links out or you will be banned.


27-08-2007 17:08:42


Did not know that. They are gone.


27-08-2007 17:24:34

Just some friendly advice...it may be easier for you to earn money by completing sites for other people for now and building up your TR before trying to get others to complete sites for you. People are usually skeptical to go green for newer people due to the fact they have no TR or feedback and they have no idea how the person is. If you would like to go green I can help you out with that and I have lots of sites to choose from...send me a PM if you're interested


27-08-2007 17:52:41

I have been asked a few ?'s regarding sites. All but two of the sites I am a referral of someone else. I know rating is important, I have good ratings at a couple of other forums, have not did any trading here.

I know I can make a few bucks doing offers for others, however, after completing offers at all these sites for other traders I need to take the next step. One has to start somewhere. A referral here, a referral there and pretty soon I can receive a cash gift, my rating goes up, more people trade, more money for everyone, losing job not so bad after all.

Sign up and give it a chance. Give me a chance. Help me build my rating here.




28-08-2007 19:38:08

If ever somebody needed a chance it's me and now. As stated earlier I have lost my job and I really need some of you to have some faith and give me a chance.

Thank you


30-08-2007 08:25:06

I really need some of you to give me a chance. Please show me some love.