Please (HELP) desperate

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25-08-2007 21:24:20

I,m new but look at my (TR) i do have some experience i desperately need to complete.

yournintendowii4free ( 5 - 7)
360elite4free (8- 12)

theres a couple sites i,ve made trades on so please pm me your site to make sure i havent completed.

I have twin boys 13 that wants these systems for there birthday in october, i,m a single mom of 4 and cant afford to go out and buy them.

If you cant do a trade for me and your a experienced trader please give me some advice on how to get quick referell trades. or just how to get referells period.

again i,m desperate. i,ve been at this for about 6weeks and thats all the further i got.

to make a long story short (HELP). Thanks[/colora14c84cf03][/sizea14c84cf03]

sandra habina

27-08-2007 07:38:37

Keep trading with other traders green for green/ site for site.

It takes awhile to get established dear. Hang in there. I have already done those sites, sorry.


27-08-2007 07:47:41

PM sent