I'm looking to GREEN at easy OfferCentric sites! FAST GREEN!

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22-08-2007 19:15:14

[be5f58ae2c3]This message applies to anyone looking for greens on different OfferCentric sites. I have not signed-up with any of the OfferCentric sites and would be every interested in going green if the price is right. I prefer the easy 1 credit sites so please specify how many credits are needed. I would prefer to do several sites per person so the more sites you have and the better your bonus, the better chance you have. Please post all inquires in this thread. Please don't send me 100 pm's. Thanks[/be5f58ae2c3]


23-08-2007 21:00:49

Bump. Does anyone have any OfferCentric sites?


23-08-2007 21:04:19

If you decide to go to Trainn sites, let me know
I am paying for yourfreeiphone.com


24-08-2007 12:11:55