ALSO NEW HERE! Trying to get started.

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22-08-2007 10:29:25

I am a new user and this is my first day on this site. I am ready and want to make some money. I have read all of the new user guides and whatnot but may still need some walkthrough.

I am paypal verified and have a great feedback record on ebay(if that even matters, lol.)


22-08-2007 10:36:06

Sent you a PM! D


22-08-2007 11:49:23

PM'ed about gear.free4me and wii.123stuff4free


22-08-2007 11:53:08

I'm doing...

LuxuryMonster for $50
NotebookMonster for $40
Cameras.YourGiftsFree for $25
Cash.ZeroPriceTags for $25



22-08-2007 12:03:34

arrow Hiya and Welcome! PM me if you have any questions or would like to do one of my trades. [bfdc341aecb]Just click my trade thread in my signature!!![/bfdc341aecb] Hope to hear from you!! D


22-08-2007 12:14:45

Hey and WELCOME! I'm sending you a PM right now with great info in it and a guide to proper greening. Hope it helps. Also, make sure to look around and read read read. Make sure you understand how all of this works before you jump right in. It can seem confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it really is easy.

Talk to you soon! )


22-08-2007 12:30:04

Welcome. I sent you a PM about laptops.yourgiftsfree.


22-08-2007 13:58:13

Welcome to the Freebie World!! I sent you a pm


22-08-2007 17:03:48

HI & Welcome I have a ton of easy sites available and can help you every step along the way if needed.Will send you a PM with a few offers.Hope you have a great experience with all trades.Thanks


22-08-2007 17:10:25

Some great offers and some tips will be sent to you right away. wink


22-08-2007 20:35:06


Sent you a message!


23-08-2007 03:51:10

Welcome to the freebie world! I have several EZ sites. Check out my trading thread below and I'll also send you a PM. )


23-08-2007 16:23:44

Sending you a PM )

sandra habina

24-08-2007 12:13:44

Wow you are getting bombarded. 1 more PM


24-08-2007 15:38:04

Welcome to the forums ) , I sent you a PM in regards to some of my sites D


24-08-2007 15:42:05

Don't really like doing this but I want to help. Sent you a PM