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21-08-2007 18:11:22

Hey guys and gals!!

I know I've been kind of dead on the freebie scene as of late (I'm sure people noticed...), and that's mostly due to the fact that I've just finished moving (I'm also just short of funds, at the moment)!

Well, since school is going to be starting up again soon, that means I'm going to be getting student loans again! Hurray!! Don't worry, I'm not going to be blowing it on freebie greens, that's just irresponsible. I plan to set a little aside for my greens ($100-$200), and with that I'll just use the profit to fund my freebie dreams.

So, my offer to you all is the new-and-improved, super-low-requirement (5 refs for a Wii!!!), GivAFree network!!

I'm CURRENTLY offering $25[/color90baafdb81][/size90baafdb81] on approval for a green on this [b90baafdb81]ONE OFFER[/color90baafdb81][/b90baafdb81], [b90baafdb81]ONE CREDIT[/color90baafdb81][/b90baafdb81] site. That's right, do only ONE of their offers to go green. ANY offer, it doesn't matter, and I'll plop you a cool $25 into your PayPal account.

[b90baafdb81]EDIT[/b90baafdb81] If you don't want to jump on this now, maybe a little waiting will help you. Come mid-September, I'll be offering $22 on GREEN[/color90baafdb81], and $28 on approval. Let me know how that tickles you.

Get in on this people, GivAFree is a fantastic network, especially for Canadians[/size90baafdb81][/color90baafdb81]!!

Wii.GivAFree.com[/size90baafdb81][/color90baafdb81] for $25[/size90baafdb81][/color90baafdb81]. Let me know!


22-08-2007 16:46:53



23-08-2007 16:09:55

'nother one of them 12-hour shifts down. Ugh. Help me out with a ref d


24-08-2007 18:25:01

Final 12-hour shift!! No more work!! Whoo!!

Give me a celebratory green!! D


27-08-2007 09:27:59

Alright, little update to the main post. Changed future paying plans.


28-08-2007 12:28:15

Here's a my-roommate-is-a-twit-and-messed-up-our-out-inspection-at-our-old-aparmtent BUMP.