Newbie Ref/Ref i,m your best bet.

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20-08-2007 23:46:01

Hello i,m new to all this but i,m looking for ref trades most people will have greens and i,m aware i must go 1st but we will do it through the trading system and you must have 4greens or i,ll go 1st

I can do almost any sight other than
trainee xbox360elite , ps3 or wii any other sight i,m up for before you come and offer for me to pay through paypal or any other money source right now i,m just working on getting ref-4 -ref

please pm if interested or just post i,ll check frequently
thanks honest people only please (no scammers aloud)lol


21-08-2007 00:25:02

What sites are you working on or need refs for?


21-08-2007 00:41:28

heres the sites i,m working on

i,m able to do any other than those pm me if interested.

True Religion

21-08-2007 08:46:41

pm you or we can do ref for ref also


21-08-2007 12:40:16 me, I think we can help each other.