$25 on green for YourIpodNano4free - 1 offer = 1 green!!!!!!

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20-08-2007 08:24:03

I need to get this site finished up...

[bf5d4e43f5b]I will Pay $25 on Green for YourIpodNano4free
[bf5d4e43f5b]This is a super easy, Noob freindly Trainn site. You complete only One offer to go green![/sizef5d4e43f5b][/bf5d4e43f5b][/colorf5d4e43f5b]

If you are a brand new user who has been registered here for less than 2 weeks, or has a TR under 4, then you will be paid on approval. If you have higher TR on another trading site like A4F or FLR, then I can make an exception

Please PM me for more info. I have helped many noobies get started around here, and I will help you get started also. You will receive a veteran's advice along with step by step info on how to go green and make money in the freebie world!


22-08-2007 09:44:02