cash.zeropricetags / desktopcomputers4free - Special today!!

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20-08-2007 07:10:05

I am trying hard to finish these 2 sites up. Would love to get them done before this weekend, so I'm willing to pay top dollar for them.

cash.zeropricetags - need 1 more referral

desktopcomputers4free - need 3 more referrals.

For today ONLY!!!

If you can green on either of these sites within 24hrs, then I will pay you $35 on green for each site. Otherwise if you green after the 24hrs, I will pay you $25 on green. All trades must be complete within 1 weeks time or they will be cancelled.

Please do NOT PM me, please post your reply here if interested.


20-08-2007 08:27:13


You could lock those desktopcomputers4free for 30. Offers will be done on wednesday. You could get 2 refs.