Hurry! Spots Will Go Fast! $15-$90!

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19-08-2007 10:31:54

[bd69ed72f5d]I need referrals for these sites ($20 on Green) (2 spots lef; 1 Credit site) ($20 on Approval) (5 Spots Left; 1 credit Site) ($90 on Approval) (2 Spots left; 3 credit site)

I can't hold these spots too long. I am a trustworthy trader.

Green and approval status negotiable if credits go through fast.

Thank you[/bd69ed72f5d][/sized69ed72f5d]


24-08-2007 18:17:59

Also willing to swap for greens.

Please PM me fast about these sites.
I am registered with many sites

liAll sites are 1 credit accept for the ones mentioned otherwise.

[b5e9b76c3d9] [/b5e9b76c3d9]
[b5e9b76c3d9] 3 Crdit[/b5e9b76c3d9]
[b5e9b76c3d9] 2 Credit [/b5e9b76c3d9]

The ones in bold are the ones I am swapping for referrals. needs to be finished soon. If you would like to help for the other sites feel free.

Please PM me if interested.

Thank you


26-08-2007 14:01:47

I have a TR rating of one on freelunchroom. I am so happy about that. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got it a couple of days ago.

So come work with me because I amt trustworthy people.