Please, before I go off to college. [valid until 9/1/2007]

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18-08-2007 18:24:10

Hey guys, before I leave for college I would love for you guys to help me make a little extra cash so I can start off with some money at the beginning of college. )

All I need are referrals for iPhone.YGF.

$25 for a referral. If it has to be raised, speak to me about it. I am paying on approval only (no matter what your TR is, so if you have a problem with that, then don't speak to me about this offer). There's no need to worry because I will pay you. I'm not one of those people who is going to run off. I've been here for over a year, in good standing, and never had a problem with any trader. I probably won't be doing many more offer/referrals when I get to college, so help me make the last of this a good one. It won't be a long time for you to get paid. I'm not looking for many referrals.

This offer is valid until the first of September.

Thank you!


20-08-2007 07:01:12

Bump! Please guys. D