$60 All4One.YourGiftsFree (plus Gift) & $29 360Elite4Fre

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18-08-2007 15:31:38

I am paying $60 for All4One.YourGiftsFree. If someone is offering more on THIS site, send me the link and I will match it.

Also, the first two people to green for me will also receive a $25 Barnes and Noble virtual gift card.

Please PM me to arrange...this site pays people very quickly now. I also have proof of payment in this thread and went green on it in July for $4.

http//i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc59/stephpoet/yourgiftsfree.jpg[" alt=""/imgaf1502b287]

I also am looking to get my 360Elite4Free done this week. I am paying $29 per green on this site.

I am very active at WAHM.com where I do trades of many sites daily. Thanks so much!