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18-08-2007 14:29:08

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We are the

[color=green626858cdc1]Guild Of Abundance[/color626858cdc1][/size626858cdc1]

We have money for you!

We are paying on [color=green626858cdc1]GREEN[/color626858cdc1] mrgreen

FREE "Success In 10 Steps" e-book offered to anyone who goes [color=green626858cdc1]GREEN!!![/color626858cdc1] mrgreen

PM to get access to our website along with
detailed step-by-step instructions on how to go [color=green626858cdc1]green mrgreen [/color626858cdc1]As well as our clickable referral links.

And what we are paying for each one!
cheer cheer cheer

The Guild of Abundance was created to GIVE back. It was created to help people manifest their dreams. To offer support and training to those who are struggling in Network Marketing. And now we offer another means to help people reach Absolute Financial Freedom we are showing people how to Earn with Incentive Marketing.

We are a happy couple with 5 children so finding ways to spend more quality time with each other and our children is very important to us as well being able to pay for their University Educations. (we'll have 5 in at the same time in a few years!!)

We are very patient and willing to help you every step of the way as others have helped us. There is no rush to get your greens in 24 hours. Take your time just please keep in contact.

If you wish to try any of our offers please PM us.

$20 CashRewards Git-R-Free Repeats 1 credit
$20 4 Ever Greens Repeats 1 credit
$20 Zero Price Tags Repeats 1 credit
$40 80 @ Ultimate Freebies Repeats 2 credits

There may be other offers as well.

Brightest Blessings
Rayvin & Rob Nyte
Guild Of Abundance