$40 to start with bonuses, plus $5 to join my Green Team!

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18-08-2007 11:45:30

Hey all!

I want to invite you to join my Freebie Family. What's required, you ask? Not much...

I am not new to freebie world, only to this forum. I'm on FLR and others. I want to build a team of players, interested in making cash.

To start just PM about joining and make $5 INSTANTLY to your Paypal account. Then we'll start working.

My main interest is helping newbies get started, especially someone with no green experience. So if this is you, you gotta check it out.

If not it's, cool...just let me know

Paying $30 dollars plus $10 bonus if green in 24 hrs on the following sites


PM me if interested. I pay instantly on green through Paypal. The $5 is yours to keep whether you ever green or not. This is my good faith payment; I value your trust.

I just got money sitting waiting to pay for your greens. Got more sites too!!