$30 for yournintendowii4free on green if you have +3 or more

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17-08-2007 23:09:16


I am now paying $30 for just 1 more green so that I can submit for approval tonight (hopefully). The nintendo wii dosn't seem to have to many games that I would like to much and they also seem to focus more towards the younger kids with a lot of there games. So i only need 1 more green and I am willing to pay $30 paypal for it!!


19-08-2007 18:59:39

I am now paying $28 to all 3 of my last greens!! I will pay on green and heres a proof picture of my last payment from trainn for the newbies to see.. its for yourfreeiphone..

http//i24.photobucket.com/albums/c23/nikeman/trainnpayment.jpg[" alt=""/img7f6cdd3db5]