Paying 30$ Paypal for ref on 360Elite4free!! +5$ bonus

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17-08-2007 20:24:33

As it says in the Title. Paying 30$ paypal for a green on

Paying on Green.

I'd prefer to trade with someone who has 5+ TR. HONEST TRADERS ONLY PLEASE!

Help me out! this is my last needed referral and would be the site that popped my freebie cherry....lishudderli

Anyhow now that I got that out of my system, PM me if interested. I pay FAST!

If you green within 24 hours you receive a 5$ bonus.

So thats 35$ for a Trainn site.


18-08-2007 18:23:21

Still need one more!


19-08-2007 15:59:33

Daily Bump.

Just need one more.


30-08-2007 04:39:18

Bump.....Still need one more.


31-08-2007 04:27:10

Daily Bump.