Need 5 more YourFreeVideoiPods greens, payment is negotiable

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17-08-2007 13:41:00

Hi! This is my first post on FiPG, so it may seem as though I am new to freebies. However, this is not the case...I am an experienced trader already (though nowhere near as experienced as some), with +18 feedback on Referral Swapper and +3 on A4F. You can look me up there if you'd screen name is the same on RS, but it is currently TNR026 on A4F (I am in the process of getting it changed, so soon all of my s/ns will be the same).

That being said...

I am currently looking for 5 more greens on YourFreeVideoiPods, a reputable TRAINN site. I will pay a minimum of $20 on GREEN[/color5e707d9104] (no site-for-sites please). The main highlight of this payment is that it can be negotiated (within reason). Please PM me here, at A4F, or at RS with your offers!

Hope to trade with you soon! D

P.S. Please do not post here, as I am never going to check this thread again.


18-08-2007 16:21:59


OK, I lied, I will check this thread, but EXTREMELY rarely, and only to bump it. Please PM me if you want to trade.


19-08-2007 17:09:12