Newbies $$$$$$ On GREEN

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17-08-2007 09:53:41

Look $$$$$ On GREEN[/coloreae217cdd6] I pay on green Right Now I am looking for a few people to do an EASY sites. 1 CREDIT SITEs

shock$20.00 on GREEN[/sizeeae217cdd6][/coloreae217cdd6] shock
Lots of good cheap offers.

Newbies I do Live support, I use yahoo im, AIM im, ICQ, MSN and phone if needed. [/coloreae217cdd6]
All my TR's are in other sites Check it out I am 100% positive on TR's
I do require pay back if you go red. But as long as you aren't trying to cheat you will be fine. Like I said I do train. If you have my training then you will be fine.[/coloreae217cdd6]