Experienced Trader Paying Promptly For GREENS

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16-08-2007 14:43:09

http/" alt=""/img53.imageshack.us/img="53/1168/blondgirlangelzu3.gif[" alt=""/img8fd87f3798]I am a very HONEST trader and pay Fast by PAYPAL! I have some VERY EASY sites that have lots of $1 offers to complete. They are superb sites for beginners to get their feet wet and make some FAST CASH! I pay by PAYPAL on green. But if you go RED then I expect a total refund. Fair is Fair, if you are going to trust me then I am going to trust you to be honest also.

So, if you have continued reading then it means that you must still be interested. I can help you with the offers if you need help. I am available for live help on Yahoo, I can even speak with you over the messenger if you have a set of speakers. New people or people that want or need extra help, donít hesitate to ask me because I am very patient.

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If you are ready to develop your skills and learn new things then my goal is to see you succeed.

[img="8fd87f3798]http/" alt=""/img408.imageshack.us/img="408/9242/pinkarrownm4.gif[" alt=""/img8fd87f3798]PM Krylee and I will get you rolling. Sit back and get comfortable and learn how to make the money

come to you.
Let's all work together.I thank you and my son thanks you. LOL[img="8fd87f3798]http/" alt=""/img408.imageshack.us/img="408/815/boredboyhc6.gif[" alt=""/img8fd87f3798]

Talk to you soon!!!
[img="8fd87f3798]http/" alt=""/img341.imageshack.us/img="341/181/kryleelh7.gif[" alt=""/img8fd87f3798]