)))Paying $28 for yourfreevideoipods.com (Best Network)((((

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15-08-2007 14:39:34

Hi guys, I'm paying $28 per green on yourfreevideoipods.com, to go green all you need to do is one offer.. If you have very low TR ill pay you half when your green and half when approved. The rest of the people that have good TR(2 or more TR), ill pay the moment your green. If you have a really high TR im willing to pay you upfront half if you ask me to, and the other half when your green.
I can help anyone through PM or my aim enan07 or YIM finsfan777
If you wanna do it, please PM asking me for the referral link.

Rules of Trading You must go green within 12 hours, if you don't you must message me what you have done so far and keep me updated. If you don't message me within 24 hours the deal is off/cancel. If for any reason you go red, ill need a refund.
Must be Paypal Verified.
I got 7 TR on A4F and 5 TR on FLR, my name on those forums are the same as this one.
The gifts you can get from the site is
$300 Cash
30gb White iPod
30gb Black iPod
80gb White iPod
80gb Black iPod
Any of your choice.
http//www.yourfreevideoipods.com/goods/13994503.png[" alt=""/img2f5bb70af9]


16-08-2007 09:53:52

I got over $500 in my paypal, ready to give it out to anyone who wants to go green for me.


16-08-2007 10:51:51

BUMP.PM me link to begin.


17-08-2007 09:47:51