Going green for whoever asks nicely

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13-08-2007 20:32:51

Haha looking for some people who need greens. Im pretty much finished with all my open trades and need some more. PM me and let me know what site you need done and how much youre paying. I go green, quick because I like to finish trades up so I can start new ones. Well I finish as quick as the sites credit. Im also willing to trade green for green for the couple of sites I need, if youd like wink


13-08-2007 20:36:08

pmin you now.. hope to work with you )


13-08-2007 21:12:05

just sent you a PM


14-08-2007 09:19:38

Good Morning.. I sent you a PM with an offer.


14-08-2007 09:32:35

Hey. You are such a nice person. The room really lights up when you enter it... Is that nice enough? lol

LuxuryMonster $50
EliteMonster $40
Cash.ZeroPriceTags $25
Camers.YourGiftsFree $25

Let me know either way please.


14-08-2007 10:01:36



14-08-2007 10:51:57

Are you still interested in any sites?

Eager to here from you....and I'll be your best friend forever if you do one of my sites......... ) (how does that sound?)


14-08-2007 11:10:36

Ok Im getting bombarded. I answered a few PMs. If I havent answered your PM yet, dont fret and give me a couple days to finish the trades I started. I want to do as many trades as possible but I only want a few open trades at a time. So I will get back to you.


14-08-2007 11:19:48

Working on a few sites. Take a peek and let me know if interested )


14-08-2007 11:40:23

Hey I will send you a pm let me know if you are interested!


14-08-2007 18:59:29

Hi! ) I'd love to trade with you! I am working on computers.ordergiftsfree and paying $60 with $5 speed bonus if green in 24 hours! I pay on final approval and pay via paypal! The quicker you green, the quicker I can place my order, and the quicker I get approval and quicker I can pay you!!! )

Hope we can trade soon! )



15-08-2007 09:43:54

http//dl6.glitter-graphics.net/pub/269/269736epg6adatet.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19]

[size=168eab1afd19][color=violet8eab1afd19]I just pm'd you my offers. If you have any questions I would love to answer them. Hope to be working together soon![/color8eab1afd19][/size8eab1afd19]

[img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/j.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/e.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/s.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/s.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/i.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/c.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19][img="8eab1afd19]http//text.glitter-graphics.net/s/a.gif[" alt=""/img8eab1afd19]


15-08-2007 09:45:11

pmed you