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13-08-2007 20:22:56

Hey everybody!

I'm Kusanagi, and looking for an opportunity to work with you guys!

I just registered here at the site but I am also on ReferralSwapper and FreeLunchRoom.

Anyhoo, the reason you clicked here! I have two sites I am paying $55 on green for![/color4d24f76c49]
They are [b4d24f76c49]sony.v-bux.com[/b4d24f76c49] and [b4d24f76c49]dell.v-bux.com[/b4d24f76c49]. I only need two more greens on these! If you haven't done any of these yet, then it's a great site to do!

V-Bux has a fantastic support network and I've loved doing offers and sending referrals to them.

Either PM me here or reply and I can send you the links to sign up. Let me put money in your paypal and offer live support over AIM, MSN, or Yahoo!

Thanks for looking, and looking forward to hearing from you wink