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13-08-2007 17:51:25

[b416951a7e6]Hello and welcome![/size416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[b416951a7e6]I am very newbie friendly and will give step by step instructions if needed. Also, tips on[/color416951a7e6] Going Green![/color416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

I have many sites available to choose from and [b416951a7e6]I pay generously & immediately[/color416951a7e6] ON GREEN![/color416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

Below are the sites I am working on now[/color416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6]These two sites are 2 credit sites and take a bit longer but, have lots of offers and pay well[/b416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6][/color416951a7e6]--Paying $50.00[/color416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6]allforone.yourgiftsfree[/color416951a7e6]--Paying $60.00[/color416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6]These four sites require 1 credit and have many offers![/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6][/color416951a7e6]--Paying $55.00[/color416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6][/color416951a7e6]--Paying $40[/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6][/color416951a7e6]--Paying $40[/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6][/color416951a7e6]--Paying $40.00[/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6]This site is a 1 OFFER ONLY SITE!! Just 1 offer and you're [/color416951a7e6] GREEN!![/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6]360Elite4free[/color416951a7e6]Paying $25[/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6][b416951a7e6]I will also give a $5.00 bonus for completing any site in 24 hrs.![/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[b416951a7e6][list416951a7e6]PM me if interested and I'll set it up![/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6][/b416951a7e6]

[b416951a7e6]I have a few easy terms that you need read before you sign up[/b416951a7e6]

[list416951a7e6]Communication is a must!

If no communication for 5 days, I will cancel the trade.

If you go RED, I expect a refund via Paypal immediately![/color416951a7e6]

I am an honest trader and I expect the same with whomever I trade with. Let's make this business a great and profitable one! I am on FLR,Fipg. A4f, and RS. My low TR on some forums doesn't reflect my integrity or my trade experience.

You can also reach me via Yahoo IM kitkat_46052

Thanks so much for considering a trade with me![/color416951a7e6][/listu416951a7e6]


14-08-2007 16:37:55

Need more! wink


15-08-2007 18:45:30

Still more!