$20 each for 3 referrals!

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13-08-2007 09:38:45

Hello! I am a newbie here but I have done a site and have gone green on it. I need 3 referrals in order to get my prize. The website is


You only need to get one credit for the site! Once you have gone green I will pay you your money IMMEDIATELY! Please PM me if you're interested! I will be so grateful to all the people that will help me out! Thanks! )


13-08-2007 09:45:19

hey would you be interested in a green4green trade?

I need one more at ipods.ogf

pm me and let me know




13-08-2007 10:12:15

Hello ya'll. I just need three referrals to be done. I might be able to help someone out with their referrals if they would help me out. Thanks!


14-08-2007 08:05:58

Good morning! I still need 3 people to help me out with this site. Please PM me! Thanks!