Looking to go GREEN at easy Train sites!! Will GREEN FAST

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12-08-2007 18:22:12

[b885db35e07]This message applies to anyone looking for greens on different Trainn sites. I have not signed-up with any of the Trainn sites and would be every interested in going green if the price is right. I prefer the easy 1 credit sites so please specify how many credits are needed. I would prefer to do several sites per person so the more sites you have and the better your bonus, the better chance you have. Please post all inquires in this thread. Please don't send me 100 pm's. Thanks[/b885db35e07]


12-08-2007 19:05:26

$27 for GREEN on 360Elite4Free... 8)

Let me know... wink


12-08-2007 19:16:40

I have
yourfreeiphone- $25
pay on green! )
if you're interested, please pm me!
have a great day.


12-08-2007 19:47:42

$28 for 360elite4free. I pay on approval for this site,but I only need one more ref so it will be this week.


12-08-2007 20:05:45

I'm paying $28 for yourfreeiphone.com.

Big War Bird

12-08-2007 20:17:51

$30 for yourfreeiphone


13-08-2007 03:26:05

Hello I am paying $25 each for YourFreeVideoIpods, YourFreeFlatScreen, and YourPS34Free.

Let me know if you can help!


13-08-2007 06:11:23

heck my thread for Trainn offers.



14-08-2007 10:52:16

Paying $25 for flashipods4free-- paid on approval-- I submit today. guaranteed w/ in a week. extra $2 bonus for the wait!


14-08-2007 10:55:06

Im paying $28 instant the moment your green for yourfreeflatscreen.com thats a trainn site. Only one offer needed to go green, i need one final person to join ) , and you can be that last final piece of the puzzle.

Edit i PM you ( , i thought you wrote please PM me, then i got all excited and PM you. Im real sorry wont PM you again, unless you PM me.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

14-08-2007 10:55:14

$30 for 360elite4free
pay on approval
$20 dvdrecorder4free
pay on green


14-08-2007 12:22:20

$25 - www.yourfreevideoipods.com
$25- www.desktopcomputers4free.com

Instant payment on green!!!! D

Pm for ref link if you're interested.

Looking forward to trade with you!


14-08-2007 12:41:43

I have yourps34free,youripodnano4free and dvdrecorders4free.

$20 for each of them, but if you do 2 will be $45
all 3 will be $70.


14-08-2007 14:42:38

Bump. I am willing to do all the Trainn 1 credit sites, and would prefer to have to deal with only 1 reliable trader. If you have all or most of the sites please post here and I will pm you. I would like to start completing them tonight. Thanks


14-08-2007 15:03:10

Click for offers. PM'ed you also



14-08-2007 19:24:00

flashipods4free-- $27 for your green today
yourfreeiphone-- paid on green--$25
Do both & get a $4 bonus!


15-08-2007 09:46:05

Hello, I have www.360elite4free.com. I am paying $25.00 on green with a $5.00 bonus if green in 24 hours. It is a one credit one offer to green site. Thanks and Hope to be working with you soon!


15-08-2007 13:34:05

I am paying $26 for yourps34free