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12-08-2007 17:16:47

[b9bec8ee0da]SEND ME YOUR OFFERS IF I CANT DO IT ONE OF MY WORKERS CAN [/color9bec8ee0da].
WE GREEN[/color9bec8ee0da] AND STAY GREEN [/color9bec8ee0da]THOSE WHO HAVE TRADED WITH ME [/color9bec8ee0da]
KNOW HOW I DO BUSINESS [/b9bec8ee0da]

[b9bec8ee0da]SITES WE CANT DO[/color9bec8ee0da]
PRIMO [/b9bec8ee0da]


12-08-2007 17:22:13

Hey. How about

Cameras.YourGuftsree $25
EliteMonster $40
LuxuryMonster $50

Let me know.


12-08-2007 18:38:06

hello im sendinga pm on site im doing--terry


12-08-2007 19:07:43

$27 for Cash.CustomOrderThis
$27 for 360Elite4Free
$25 for Plasmas.CustomOrderThis
$25 for PayPal.Wish4Free
$25 for ZeroPricetags

Let me know... 8)


13-08-2007 06:16:34

Click for offers.



13-08-2007 06:57:41

Sent you my offer!!


13-08-2007 07:13:59

I still need referrals - check out my thread! Will PM you also )


13-08-2007 07:18:57

I've got several sites I need greens on. Sending you my offers...


13-08-2007 07:36:18

Hey, I sent you a PM with the sites I need greens on asap. )


13-08-2007 08:20:47

Sent you a PM with a few sites )


13-08-2007 08:48:24

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

[b13b3d8c458]Trainn sites Only require to complete ONE offer to green.[/b13b3d8c458]
$22 www.desktopcomputers4free.com 9/12 1 pending

[b13b3d8c458]One-credit sites.[/b13b3d8c458]
$22 - http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php - 2/5
[i13b3d8c458]Unlimited cash out at git-r-free sites.[/i13b3d8c458]

$25 - http//ps3.yourgiftsfree.com/viewoffers.php - 3/15 - [b13b3d8c458]1st priority[/b13b3d8c458]

$22 - http//cash.moneybonanzas.com/viewoffers.php - 2/8

$22 - http//paypal.key2free.com/viewoffers.php - 0/3 - [b13b3d8c458]New Site[/b13b3d8c458]

[b13b3d8c458] Paypal verified only. Instant payment on green.[/b13b3d8c458]

I will be available on AIM [b13b3d8c458]babetran84[/b13b3d8c458] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



13-08-2007 09:01:02

Have sent you a message!


13-08-2007 10:59:02

Check out my trade thread below, PM is also on the way to you


13-08-2007 11:40:57

First let me start with thanking you for reading my post, Thanks! If you would like to complete any of my offers please pm me. I am willing to work with anybody who actually intends to finish a trade once it is accepted. Newbies are more than welcome, I would love to work with each and every one of you!!
Paypal.ogf=35.00(on green)
Something4nothing=35.00(on green)
Money.whypayitsfree=20.00(on green) lots & lots of cheap offers
Zeropricetags.com=20.00(on green)
cash.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
Gifts.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
giftcards.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
phones.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
4evergreen=20.00(on green)
4evergreen.nascar=(on green)
Allforone.ygf=40.00(on green)
The 4evergreens...and zeropricetags sites are the easiest and fastest crediting sites I have ever worked on and they have lots of cheap offers!
Aznfreestuff=20.00(on green)
Azngiftcards=20.00(on green)
Aznfreecash=20.00(on green)
Aznfreephones=20.00(on green)
Candy.ogf=20.00(on green)
Ipods.ogf=20.00(on green)
Xbox.ogf=20.00(on green)
College.ygf=20.00(on green)
Paypal.paypirate=20.00(on green)
40macrobucks=15.00(on green)
80macrobucks=30.00(on green)
I also have a few no credit card sites
Nocc.ogf=5.00(on green)
Aznnocc=5.00(on green)
Entertainment.free4everyone=5.00(on green)
I always pay instantly on green!!!!
I also am totally willing to help anybody that is new to learn to go GREEN FAST!! So please pm me if you would like to set up a trade and make some cash!!


13-08-2007 11:48:56

Hi! So, here's a little short introduction about myself and why YOU are so important to me. I am a college student who is majoring in business. And guess who's the most important people in a business?? It's the CUSTOMERS of course! Without them, the business would cease to exist! Now I must put my knowledge into good use in the real world. I'm here for YOU, yes, YOU, to make some profitable money. I would at all cost provide the most important tools for my customers, yes, YOU, to succeed in this freebie world. I provide GREAT customer service, which means I can be reachable almost ANYTIME. I am on AIM 24/7, and I'm on AIM even if I'm away for the day, so I can let my CUSTOMERS leave a message so I can reach back ASAP. See, quickness is another important aspect so we do not keep our customers waiting. You can read my iTrader if you don't believe me. I greened INSTANTLY for the people paying me, and I will also be willing to pay YOU instantly as well. On top of that, I am a honest and reliable trader because I know that honestly is one of the main ingredients for success. I want YOU to be rich and a have pocketfull of moolah by the end of the day, so LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!


First off, just to get started, I have a site that allows you to earn 5 dollars OVER and OVER again. That's right, make unbelievably fast money by just paying 5 dollars ONCE. If ANYONE is interested, feel free to PM me about it. I mean it, make 5 dollars in your paypal AGAIN and AGAIN!


This is a site that I'm working on that credits fast and easy

1 CREDIT ~ $30 on GREEN[/color1edf58b52d][/size1edf58b52d]

1 CREDIT ~ $20 on GREEN[/color1edf58b52d][/size1edf58b52d]

This is a no-site that I'm working on also

1/2 CREDIT ~ $10 onGREEN[/color1edf58b52d][/size1edf58b52d]

Here are some survey sites where you get paid to read emails and do surveys. These are pretty good when you nothing else to do and the $$$ adds up

AWSurveys[/color1edf58b52d] ~ Pays 5 dollars instantly, and then another 27 dollars by doing simpe 3 min surveys
InboxDollars[/color1edf58b52d] ~ Pays 5 dollars instantly



There will be more sites in the future. The offers above are SIMPLE and EASY. All YOU have to do is PM and ask for the referral link and sign up for the awesome offers and there you have it, the little extra cash that you need by the end of the month to pay your bills.

How to contact me[/size1edf58b52d][/b1edf58b52d]

AIM Keefyboi925
email= email=Kwong016@yahoo.comKwong016@yahoo.com email=Kwong016@yahoo.comKwong016@yahoo.com/email

For easier crediting, follow these rules on the bottom to make life more simple

1. Clear cookies
2. Refresh page
3. Log back into site
4. Click on offer
5. Finish offer
6. Let the finishing page at the end to load up for at least 3-5 min

Since I'm believe in the integrity of my customers, if for any reason you go RED, sadly to say, I must receive a refund. I am willing to put my entire trust in you and in return, I would like you to do the same for me. Thank you!

Now lets start to do some business and let me help YOU become the most happiest and satisfied customer on this site!! Lets make money NOW!! POST ON MY THREAD AND SEND ME A PM TO GET STARTED!![/size1edf58b52d]
8) 8)[/size1edf58b52d]


13-08-2007 11:57:24

Let me know if you are interested. I would love to set the trade up asap. D


13-08-2007 12:37:24

Please follow my thread link in my signature for a list of sites I am working on. If you are interested, please PM me.



13-08-2007 12:45:46

Sent you a pm. Waiting for your reply.


13-08-2007 20:22:53

Can you do 360elite4free.com ?
$20 - Super easy site


13-08-2007 20:46:16

Can you do ZPT? I need some greens on cash.zeropricetags and zeropricetags

I will pay $26 on green for each


13-08-2007 21:00:15

sent you a pm