Looking to start new sites, can do trades or take paypal.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=68080


12-08-2007 14:42:29

Since I've been practically out of the freebie thing in so long, I decided its time to start a few. I'd like to start those that have good reputation, good crediting, quick payouts, and good customer service. wink

I'm practically open to most if not all the newer sites out there.

You canleave a reply here and PM me with your offer (site/price).
Just don't tell me "look at my thread"

I want to try out the Gamefly offer as well. If your site has it, I'm interested.8)

At the moment, OGF seems pretty quick and reliable!


12-08-2007 15:40:32

Hey I sent you a message with my sites let me know thanks.


12-08-2007 15:46:17

Just sent you some great sites, quick payout, excellent support team.


12-08-2007 16:05:01

How about...

Cameras.YourGifsFree for $25
LuxuryMonster for $50
EliteMonster for $40

let me know please.


12-08-2007 16:15:17

sent you a pm


12-08-2007 21:10:52

pm sent with some offers.

sandra habina

12-08-2007 23:32:04

Hello - I have a brand new site Sports.hotgifts4you. And Wishwizzard.com I hope to hear from you dear.


13-08-2007 03:22:24

Hello - glad to see you back! Check out my trading thread - I have OGF sites and more )


13-08-2007 07:04:43

I sent you a PM with an offer. Hope to work with you.


13-08-2007 08:51:44

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

[b46749177ab]Trainn sites Only require to complete ONE offer to green.[/b46749177ab]
$22 www.desktopcomputers4free.com 9/12 1 pending

[b46749177ab]One-credit sites.[/b46749177ab]
$22 - http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php - 2/5
[i46749177ab]Unlimited cash out at git-r-free sites.[/i46749177ab]

$25 - http//ps3.yourgiftsfree.com/viewoffers.php - 3/15 - [b46749177ab]1st priority[/b46749177ab]

$22 - http//cash.moneybonanzas.com/viewoffers.php - 2/8

$22 - http//paypal.key2free.com/viewoffers.php - 0/3 - [b46749177ab]New Site[/b46749177ab]

[b46749177ab] Paypal verified only. Instant payment on green.[/b46749177ab]

I will be available on AIM [b46749177ab]babetran84[/b46749177ab] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



13-08-2007 08:58:24

I have sent you a message!


13-08-2007 09:10:07

[quote520fb32270="weebles_five"]I have sent you a message![/quote520fb32270]

Just wanted to let everyone know that i received LOTS of pms and I haven't had the time to reply to most yet.

For now, I have to stop taking offers until I get through the PMs and the current few trades I have going on.

Thank You