$1000 for about $10!! INTERESTED???

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=68078


12-08-2007 12:47:35

thats right... I know how you can get $1000 for spending about $10. All I ask is for a green on yournintendowii4free. I need 4 more greens on this site which means I can share this information with 4 people... If you are interested PLEASE PM me and I will fill you in with more details. Only PM me if you can do YOURNINTENDOWII4FREE because i will not take any other offers. This is the TRAINN Nintendo Wii site, which as everyone knows is one of the BEST networks in the freebie world.

I should be online for a while so PM me now!

Thanks for looking

EDIT I guess i should mention why you guys should trust me... Well, I am +41 trader on A4F forums, and soon to be a +5 or 6 on FLR forums. I did a trade here but I did not recieve feedback yet for it which would make m a +1. All this together makes me a +48 trader if you want to look at it that way. Also I am 100% positive on ebay with a +130 i think it is now. I have never turned red for ANYONE and no not ever plan on doing it so that I can protect my trader feedback and keep my status on all the forums I frequent. Thanks again


12-08-2007 15:39:09

i forgot to mention that for this you must be in the U.S and must be 18 years old or older. My apologies to the international traders here.


12-08-2007 18:08:08

You also forgot to read the rules, apparently. You cannot bump your Trading Post thread for 24 hours. You could have edited your original post rather than bumping it 3 hours later.

Since I'm bumping it for you by posting this, do not bump this thread again until after 9pm EST tomorrow night (8/13).


13-08-2007 22:06:42

this is a legal bump!! lol


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15-08-2007 05:19:59

We're allowed to trade DIY links for greens here?

why not just say you have a link for the $1350 5 offer one instead? that one seems more appealing for just 1 more offer.


15-08-2007 07:45:46

might as well got to the source directly and get the info



15-08-2007 10:12:31

Ill give it to you for free so dont waste your greens


15-08-2007 10:36:23

[quote8c3b44b894="good2speed"]might as well got to the source directly and get the info

Thank you.

Pyramid schemes are not to be peddled here.


16-08-2007 06:02:31

[quote0780752f56="dmorris68"][quote0780752f56="good2speed"]might as well got to the source directly and get the info

Thank you.

Pyramid schemes are not to be peddled here.[/quote0780752f56]
nikeman has informed me that, despite appearances to the contrary, this is NOT the pyramid scheme mentioned in that A4F post.

However he did confirm that it was a DIY. As we do not allow DIY trading or selling either, this topic will remain locked. I just wanted to clarify.