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10-08-2007 23:46:08

Hi I am paying on Green for all of the following sites. I will provide support for newbies as well. I'm not the kind of trader to just leave you out there because I want you to be successful. If your TR is higher than mine I will pay you first if not then I will pay you on green. These sites are negotiable so if you dont like what I am paying then make me an offer! Thank you for your time,

$7.00 on green of (no credit card required)

$25.00 on green of

$25.00 on green of gaming.earngiftsfree

$45.00 on green of

$40.00 on green of 80dollars.allfreebieworld

$20.00 on green of

BONUS of $5.00 if you complete more than 1 of these.
I will pay a bonus of $8.00 for 3 completed sites as well.

lilili IF you go RED I expect a full refund