I pay on Green or will trade my Green for yours--Exp trader!

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10-08-2007 08:20:47

Newbies Start Here!! $ Super Easy Greens, Bonuses!! Green For Green Trades Welcome!!
I am a proficient and reliable trader, totally willing to walk NEWBIES through every step of the process. Seasoned traders WELCOME!!

If you are interested, POST HERE FIRST! I check this link several times a day!! PLEASE PM ME as well, so we can work out details and you can get your SPECIAL REFERRAL LINKS!! (Newbies, do NOT sign up on the links below--they are merely for you to be able to view offers on!)

PM me if anything is confusing!!

I PAY liliON GREEN lilifor the following sites or will trade Green 4 Green for all but non CC

lilililili http//giftcards.zeropricetags.com/offers.php $22
I am DESPERATE to finish off this PRIORITY site. If you are a RELIABLE trader and can GREEN ON THIS SITE QUICKLY, I am willing to pay lilili$30lilili for completion, with immediate registration to the site and a 48 hour GREEN!lilililili

http//aznfreephones.com/viewoffers.php $20
http//aznnoncc.com/offers.php NO CC site for $5
http//dell.v-bux.com/offers.list.php $45
http//apple.v-bux.com/offers.list.php $35
http//paypal.zipnadazilch.com/offers.php $22

$3 bonus for GREENING in 24 hours
$2 add on bonus for every extra site you do for me after the first one

Green 4 Green trades

http//allforone.yourgiftsfree.com/offers.php 2 credits
http//computers.ordergiftsfree.com/offers.php 3 credits

Thanks for looking at my post! I look forward to trading with you!! [/colorc5719cd116][/sizec5719cd116]