Looking for some cash!

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10-08-2007 00:17:58

Hey, i'm back! I haven't done any of the newer sites. I have done most of the trainn sites (unless they've came out with a new one in the last 3 or so months) I'm looking make some quick cash. PM me with your offers.


10-08-2007 06:52:09

I'm doing 4 GiftMonster sites. In my opinion, GiftMonster is one of the best freebie networks out there. I have never had a problem with them. Fast credites, fast approvals, and even faster payouts.

So this is what I am offering...

LuxuryMonster $50
NotebookMonster $30
DesktopMonster $30
EliteMonster $40



10-08-2007 06:53:15

Take a peek at my trading post and see if you can do any of these. Thanks!

sandra habina

10-08-2007 12:50:40

Hello - I have all the sites in the new Hotgifts4you Network.

PM sent with info.


10-08-2007 12:53:22

I pm'd you


10-08-2007 13:27:34

Sent you a message! Thanks!


11-08-2007 12:23:20

I sent you a pm also.
Recap flashipods4free-$26 if you green TODAY!
freeiphone-- $26
both trainn sites